Special: The Search for a Bass Player

During ThorHammer’s search for a new bass player, Chris keeps an audio journal during the past several weeks.

22: Fly on the Wall

Chris gives updates and takes you to band practice with him.

21: At the Home with The Watchers

This week Chris is at the ONYXedge studio with hosts of the Game of Thrones podcast: The Watchers on the Couch, Tim, Sarah and Mike. They talk about the new nickname that Jimmy gave Tim on Episode 12, drummers with missing limbs and they play games for a sweet bag of prizes.

About On the Road with ThorHammer

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19: Table Scraps & Hateful Eight Review

Chris is back with a new episode for a new year. Chris gives some updates on what’s going on as we enter 2016, and also gives his thoughts on the Quentin Tarantino’s new movie, The Hateful Eight.

14: On the Road – Chicago

The entirety of ThorHammer is on the podcast today, and they are indeed on the road. Chris tests the band with his new game.

9: Let’s Delve Into My Ancient Drum History

Ginger Man Metronome, Chris Naes of ThorHammer, has been beating skins with sticks for many a year. How did it all begin? Find out in this episode where we gotta go… BACK IN TIME!

03: Come See a Show! It’s Awesome!

Chris is on the road talking about ThorHammer’s past show, some merch ideas, and how they are going to be on Asgard Radio! ThorHammer has a Late Night show in St Louis @ Foam on Friday July 24th. More details at: www.foamvenue.com

Check out Asgard Radio at: asgardradio.com

For more information about ThorHammer visit them on Bandcamp: thorhammer.bandcamp.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/thorhammerstl

2: “What’s a Twitter?” w/ Jimmy Lopez

Chris sits down with friend and ThorHammer fan, Jimmy Lopez, after a scheduled band practice falls through. They talk about new merch ideas, how crack is whack, and how technology left Jimmy behind years ago.

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